11 August 2008

Beijing: Olympic Jewish athletes

Thank you to readers who have added more names (please see comments below).

This August 6 list (JTA) of Jewish athletes at the 2008 Summer Olympics includes participants from Israel, the US Australia, Argentina, Britain and Canada:

Hockey: Gisele Kanevsky;
Judo: Daniela Krakower;
Swimming: Damian Blaum;
Table Tennis; Pablo Tabachnik;
Weightlifting: Nora Koppel;
AustraliaTable Tennis: David Zalcberg;

Swimming: Maxim Podoprigora;

Baseball: Adam Stern;
Wrestling: David Zilberman, 96 kg; Ari Taub, 120 kg plus;

Tennis: Nicolas Massu;

Great Britain
Rowing: Josh West;

Artistic Gymnastics: Alex Shatilov, all-around;
Canoeing: Michael Koganov, K-1 500 and 1000 meters;
Fencing: Tomer Or, foil; Dalilah Hatuel, foil; Noam Mills, epee;
Judo: Ariel Ze'evi, 100 kg; Gal Yekutiel, 60 kg; Alice Schlezinger, 63 kg;
Rhythmic Gymnastics, Individual: Ira Risenzon, Neta Rivkin;
Rhythmic Gymnastics, Team: Kayta Pizatzki, Racheli Vidgorcheck,Maria Savnakov,Alona Dvorinchenko,Veronica Witberg;
Sailing: Gidi Klinger and Udi Gal, 470; Shahar Tzuberi, windsurfing; Vered Buskila and Nika Kornitzky, 470; Nufar Eledman, laser radial; Ma’ayan Davidovich, windsurfing;
Shooting: Doron Egozi, 50-meter rifle 3, 10-meter air rifle; Gil Simkovich, 50-meter rifle 3, 50-meter rifle prone; Guy Starik, 50-meter rifle prone;
Swimming: Itay Chama, 200-meter breaststroke; Gal Nevo, 200 and 400 individual medley; Guy Barnea, 100 breaststroke; Tom Be'eri, 100 and 200 breaststroke; Allon Mandel, 100 and 200 butterfly; Nimrod Shapira Bar-Or, 200 freestyle; Anya Gostamelsky, 50 and 100 freestyle, 100 backstroke, 100 butterfly; Synchronized Swimming: Anastasia Gloushkov and Ina Yoffe, duet;
Taekwondo: Bat-El Getterer, 57 kg;
Tennis: Andy Ram and Yoni Erlich, doubles; Shahar Peer, singles; Tzipora Obziler, doubles with Peer;
Track and Field: Alex Averbukh, pole vault; Niki Palli, long jump; Haile Satayin, marathon; Itai Magidi, 3000-meter steeplechase;

United States
Fencing: Sara Jacobson, sabre;
Kayaking: Rami Zur, 500-meter individual
Swimming: Jason Lezak, 100-meter freestyle, relays; Garrett Weber-Gale, 100 freestyle, relays; Ben Wildman-Tobriner, 50 freestyle, relays; Dara Torres, 50-meter freestyle, relays;
Track and Field: Deena Kastor, marathon.

Thanks to Jan Meisels Allen for her pointer to the Jewish Journal's special page, as reported by editor Rob Eshman in his editorial:

...I suggest you check out the special web page we've created that tracks Jewish and Israeli Olympic stories. Because remember the First Rule of Jewish Journalism: If it didn't happen to a Jew, it's not news.

And read a reader's comment below indicating that there's another name to add: Adam Duvendeck who cycles for the United States.


  1. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Adam Duvendeck cycling usa is also Jewish

  2. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Shaun Rubenstein. South Africa Canoeing

  3. Anonymous8:29 PM

    what about shawn rosenthal, dara torres? i was looking at the names and i think there are more.

  4. Anonymous12:13 PM

    michael phelps is jewish.

  5. What about Nathan Cohen from New Zealand?

  6. What about the Jewish background of Nathan Cohen of New Zealand?

  7. Jason Lezak is a hero- a nice Jewish boy from Irvine, CA who worked out at the JCC. He saved the swim relay, clinching victory over France by a fraction of a second, and preserving the Gold for Phelps. Mazel Tov Jason!

  8. Anonymous5:04 AM

    My husband tells me, "According to you the whole world is Jewish," when we're watching news or other TV programs and I point to this one or that one. That said, ALL the Olympic athletes should be on the Jewish list.

  9. Anonymous7:47 AM

    I was also trying to find about about Nathan Cohen of New Zealand, but found nothing online.

  10. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Interested in Daniela Krokower. Was her family from Warsaw?

  11. Anonymous12:56 AM

    What about Rosenthal on the US Volleyball team?

  12. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Is Sean Rosenthal Jewish? I believe he is.

  13. Anonymous4:02 AM

    Also, what about the German cyclist Maximilian Levy? He just won a bronze in the sprint event. (And a number of his family members on his webpage www.maximilian-levy.de have even more Jewish sounding names - i.e. Miriam, Sarah, David etc.)

  14. Anonymous7:07 PM

    What about Andrew Lauenstein from Australia?

  15. Anonymous8:45 PM

    The Slovenian Silver Medalist Sarah Isakovic
    (Sarah daughter of Issac). Is she Jewish?
    In swimming.

  16. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Maybe the World Maccabbi Association could post any Athleats and sports people on their site confirming their Jewish Ethnic identities.

  17. Anonymous2:52 PM

    how about wienberg in the 4x400 relay...she is great.

  18. Sarah Poewe (German Swimmer) is Jewish born to German father and South African mother.

  19. I think Merry Moses Waterpolo is jewish also.

  20. Anonymous12:11 PM

    what about Aly Raisman, US gymnastics