25 July 2008

Canada: 1891 Census One-Step added

Ancestry has added the 1891 Canadian census and we knew it was only a matter of time before Steve Morse added a One-Step utility for this new data.

The 1891 Canadian census on Ancestry provides 4.5 million searchable names and 90,000 census page images from British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec – and the Northwest Territories, then-including the istricts of Alberta, Assiniboia East, Assiniboia West, Saskatchewan, and Mackenzie River, with other unorganized territories also.

Click Steve's site here and look in the Canada/UK Census section.

There are advantages to using the One-Step utility rather than the Ancestry site, as researchers can search using the following parameters on the same form:

- all years
- middle initial
- birth year between two values rather than using plus-or-minus
- age
- religion
- select district from drop-down list instead of typing it in
- specify more than 50 hits per page

Enumerators began asking the following questions on April 6, 1891:

-Number of family, household, or institution in order of visitation
- Name of each person in family or household on 6 April 1891
- Relation to head of family or head of household
- Sex (M = Male; F = Female)
- Age
- Marital Status (Single, Married, Widowed, or Divorced)
- Country or province of birth
- Whether French Canadian
- Birthplace of father
- Birthplace of mother
- Religion
- Profession, occupation, or trade
- Employer
- Wage Earner
- Whether unemployed during the week preceding the census
- If an employer, state the average number of hands employed during the year
- Whether able to read and write
- Whether deaf and dumb, blind, or of an unsound mind

Thanks, Steve, for the continuous innovations you provide for all genealogists!

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