22 July 2008

California: San Francisco, Sacramento stops

Just back today to Los Altos, which is the next town over from Google's hometown of Mountain View.

On Sunday afternoon, I enjoyed seeing old friends, Tracing the Tribe readers and others at my program on gen-blogging for the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society, headed by president Jeremy Frankel.

I just wasn't prepared for these hardy Bay area residents showing up in coats and scarves - it was grey, windy and cold in the city - someone said it was 56 degrees. Several people said this was typical July weather.

It's easy to tell the tourists in San Francisco, they're the ones in T-shirts, shorts and sandals, while the residents are wearing fleece jackets, hats and boots.

Dan Ruby, with whom I've been in previous email contact, was a welcome attendee, as was Steve Morse, who helped with a technical equipment problem. Kathryn Doyle of the California Genealogical Society was also there.

On Monday, I trained out to Sacramento. I expected a rather straight-forward ride, although a problem up the line resulted in our train being stopped in its tracks (literally), as well as its sister train coming the other way.

A bunch of buses (Amtrak's term is "bus bridge") were rounded up to transport us to the other train and to bring those passengers down to our former train. It added on about 90 minutes, but our convoy enjoyed a pleasant, sunny drive up to Martinez where we embarked once more.

Nothing like a bit of excitement, but it all worked out in the end.

The Sacramento JGS was most welcoming (a special thank you to Mort and Susan Rumberg and Bob Wascou). The group asked numerous questions following my presentation on writing on genealogy for general audience publications and other issues relevant to tracing our tribe through time and space.

I didn't bring my computer along and am now paying the price - several hundred emails have accumulated since yesterday morning!


  1. Schelly,
    There is something special about the genea-blogging community. Even though we are barely acquainted you greeted me on Sunday like an old friend. Perhaps it says more about your generous heart! I'm looking forward to seeing how the Facebook experiment turns out!

  2. Schelly

    Having lived in the Bay Area for 20 years, I too could always tell the tourists - if they did dress warmly it was always with a San Francisco sweatshirt purchased in either Chinatown or Fisherman's Wharf!