19 July 2008

Belarus: Grodno synagogue restoration underway

An excellent website for information on the Jewish communities of the Former Soviet Union is the Federation of the Jewish Communities of the CIS, which provides educational support, professional assistance and funding to member communities.

Additionally, through the articles on the website, readers may discover important contacts and resources in communities where their ancestors lived in the past.

A recent article concerns the restoration of Grodno's (Belarus) Great Choral Synagogue. The story includes photographs. The story indicates that work will be mainly done on the facade.

The historic, architecturally important building - built in the 16th century - is also a regional spiritual center and the oldest active synagogue in the CIS.

Funding comes from the Rohr Family Foundation, who made the restoration of the facade possible. This foundation has funded construction and renovation of synagogues, community centers and ritual baths (mikvaot) in many cities in many countries, as well as supporting some 200 Lubavitch rabbis and their families in those communities.

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