10 June 2008

JBlog: Tracing the Tribe

Tracing the Tribe has added a nice orange-colored JBlog Me.

What's JBlog? It's the Jewish Blog Network where blog readers can vote for blogs and postings. I hope you will support Tracing the Tribe by voting.

Clicking JBlog Me brings you to Tracing the Tribe's page, which displays 15 of the most recent posts. Clicking on a post's title brings you to that post's page, with a rating box (1-5) on the right, above the title.

If you'd like to find additional Tracing the Tribe posts on JBlog, put the keyword genealogy in the top right search box.

Why should you vote? Blogs and postings receiving numerous votes are highlighted on the JBlog home page. This means a large number of general readers will learn - possibly for the first time - about resources and tools for Jewish genealogy and family history research. Perhaps some new readers will become inspired to begin their own journeys down discovery road.

Enjoy and thank you for your support!

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