12 June 2008

France: GenAmi new issue, June 2008

GenAmi is French Jewish genealogical society in Paris, and it publishes an excellent journal, also called GenAmi.

According to Micheline Gutmann, the June 2008 table of contents includes the following topics:

- Do you know our forum?
- Sulzburg in Baden and the list of adoptions of names
- A Rabbi Kahn of Ribeauville in Vichtinetz, descendents in France.
- Families Weijl in the Netherlands
- Rabbi Samuel Sanvil Weyls children, complete list
- Mannheim: Michael Mays children
- Genetics, genealogy and adultery
- News for genealogical research in U.K.
- Reopening of the Pavillon Osiris of Rueil-Malmaison
- Communications and mails
- Acquisitions (Acht Jahrhunderte Juden in Basel, Jews in France in 1898)
- Genealogical reviews
- It happened in ... Short trip in time and space (1308, 1408, 1508, 1708, 1808)
- General Research in UK

For more information on how to subscribe, click here.

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