20 May 2008

Jewish Genealogy: From A to Z

Did you know that there are nearly 90 Jewish genealogy online discussion groups, ranging from A to Z - AustriaCzech to Zdunska Wola (Poland)?

These groups are excellent resources for people researching specific Jewish genealogy topics (such as Judeo-Alsatian) or geographical locations (JRI-Poland) as members share knowledge and network.

This list provides subscription information for each. They are variously hosted by JewishGen, Rootsweb, Yahoo, or others. Some are sponsored by Jewish genealogy societies (e.g., JGS Sacramento, JFRA Israel).

Some of the others, in addition to JewishGen, are Austria-Holocaust, Belarus, Bialygen, Ciechanow, Early American, Euro-Jewish, FrenchSIG, GERSIG, JCR-UK, SAAfrica, Scandinavia, several Sephardic groups, Yiddish Theater & Vaudville YTANDV, and more.

See the complete list.


  1. Anonymous8:54 PM

    I leave some interesting resources related to Jewish and general genealogy specially related to Argentina:

    1- Immigration Records of Argentina

    2- Latin American Migratory Studies Centre

    3- Italian Surnames

    4- Jewish Genealogy in Argentina

    7- Genealogical Researches

  2. Dear Dany,

    Thank you for writing and informing readers about resources for Argentina.