10 May 2008

DNA: Family Tree DNA newsletter

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Family Tree DNA now has more than 125,000 records in the Y-DNA results database, more than 4,700 surname projects (some 75,000 surnames), and the mtDNA database has more than 66,000 results.

5th International Conference on Genetic Genealogy

The 5th International Conference on Genetic Genealogy for Family Tree DNA Group Administrators will take place in Houston, November 8-9, 2008.

It is open to genealogists from all over the world who currently manage group projects at Family Tree DNA and want to learn more about testing for genealogy and anthropology, and features leading experts and presentations on a variety of topics related to DNA testing for family history and deep ancestry.

I attended the conference in 2006 and was extremely impressed with the content, presenters and a growing number of genealogists who head various group projects focused on Jewish genealogy. Each year, the conference grows in size. While I couldn't make 2007, I am planning to attend 2008.

It is a superb way to learn more and network with others. If you've been planning to start a project, do it now so you'll be eligible to attend the November event.

New Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree

Family Tree DNA announced a change in haplogroup nomenclature, based on the latest research directed by Dr. Michael Hammer of the University of Arizona; recently published in a scientific paper in Genome Research. On May 5, Family Tree DNA implemented the updated Y chromosome haplogroup tree.

For more information, click here, and to see the new chart, click here. A full-color poster of the new tree can be ordered.

Starting a Surname Group Project

Are you thinking of starting a surname or other group project? Family Tree DNA offers resources and consultation, and offers tools and guidance to help make your project successful.

Find out if a project exists for your name by clicking here. If a project has not been established, contact the company to find out more.

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