28 May 2008

DNA: Bennett Greenspan interview

Blaine Bettinger of the The Genetic Genealogist, will be interviewing many of genetic DNA's top names over the next few weeks.

The list includes Bennett Greenspan, Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak, Terry Barton, Alastair Greenshields, Whit Athey, Ann Turner, Katherine Hope Borges, Max Blankfeld, and Ana Oquendo Pabón.

Now posted, his first interview is with Bennett Greenspan, founder, CEO and president of Family Tree DNA, and Blaine will later interview Bennett's business partner Max Blankfeld.

In it, Bennett addresses numerous topics, including the rationale behind his creation, as founding partner, of DNATraits.

Among the other questions:

--How long have you been actively involved in genetic genealogy, and how did you become interested in the field?

--The founding of FamilyTreeDNA

--Genetic genealogy, unfortunately, has received some bad press lately, largely through the misconceptions of journalists or confusion between genetic genealogy and other types of personal genomic services. What can amateur genetic genealogists do to counteract this bad press?

--What do you think the future holds for genetic genealogy?

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