05 May 2008

Civil War: Confederate Jewish soldiers

The Jewish Magazine is a monthly online collection of articles. There's always something of interest to family historians. The May issue carries an article by Lewis Regenstein of Atlanta who describes his great-grandfather and his four brothers - all of whom fought for the Confederacy in 1865.

Regenstein writes about Joshua Lazarus Moses, brothers Horace, Perry and Isaac; his great-grandfather Andrew Jackson Moses, and cousin Albert Moses Luria. More than 24 members of the extended Moses family fought in the War; at least nine died.

Family members served and worked closely with legendary generals, such as Robert E. Lee. They fired some of the first and last shots of the War; fought on horseback and ships, in trenches and the infantry; built fortifications, led men in charges; one was responsible for provisioning an entire army corps of about 50,000 men.

Read more about this family history here.

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