24 April 2008

Television: Nazi Scrapbooks from Hell, April 27

"Nazi Scrapbooks From Hell" will be shown on the National Geographic Channel at 9pm Sunday, April 27, and repeated at midnight. It will also be screened at 2pm Sunday, May 4.

The channel's website describes the program:

"The death camp at Auschwitz was considered ground zero for the killings during the Holocaust, a place where thousands were starved and 1.1 million died, but there are only a small number of known photos of this infamous place before its liberation in 1945.until now. The photos of this album are far from the gruesome iconic images of living skeletons or ash-choked ovens. These rare images show life from the other side of the wire, where the banality of evil is depicted by cocktail parties, sing-a-longs and food contests attended by the perpetrators. Another album showcases the victims as they arrive at Auschwitz. These albums are nothing short of scrapbooks from hell."

For more information on the scrapbooks, click here.

Thanks to Joy Rich of New York for this tip.

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