13 February 2008

Jewish Genealogy Month poster contest

Here is additional information on the Jewish Genealogy Month poster contest.

From 1999-2006, Avotaynu sponsored the event. To see those posters, click here.

Importantly, only member organizations of the IAJGS may submit entries, which may be created by either members or non-members of that organization. Readers who would like to submit an entry and are not members of a Jewish genealogical society, should contact the nearest JGS for information. For a list of societies, go here and click on Membership -> Member Societies.

Calling all artists with a streak of genealogy creativity.

There are only two months left to submit posters to be considered for selection for Jewish Genealogy Month in 2008. This is the first poster competition sponsored by the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS).

Posters (sizes 16x20 to 24x36 inches) must be received by April 1. Wording must include the dates of Jewish Genealogy Month: 1-29 Cheshvan 5769 and 30 October-27 November 2008.

For the new IAJGS rules and regulations, go here and click on Jewish Genealogy Month.

Nu? So go create already!

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