02 February 2008

Find My Past: Outbound UK Passenger Lists

Findmypast.com now has just added another decade to their UK Outbound Passenger Lists. Now, some 20 million names on 137,000 outbound passenger lists are available from 1890-1949.

Additionally, there are census, birth, marriage, death records and more.

I gave my subscription a work-out recently, and found information on a multitude of Talalay, Bank and Fink relatives. It answered questions about elusive relatives whom I couldn't find arriving in US ports - they had landed in Canada, confirming family stories about long-lost family there. There are now several new leads to follow.

For some individuals who had only transited the UK, I found extra details such as the name of the ships on which they had arrived in the UK. For others, I found their names on four or five lists, but crossed off, until I found the one they really traveled on. I wonder why they kept missing the boat?

Among the records were a New York-based uncle who was required to come to the UK to take home his wife and son from Lithuanina and from whom he was separated by World War I. It detailed the various crossings of another branch of several brothers who had moved from Mogilev, Belarus->Moscow->Berlin->UK and Canada and the US.

The site is now offering a one-month trial, so you might want to check it out!

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