15 February 2008

Best of the Best - iGENE awards for 2007

Jasia of Creative Gene has set the topic for the next Carnival of Genealogy.

It is time for The Best of The Best! It's Academy awards time - time for the Academy of Genealogy and Family History (AGFH). All genea-historian bloggers who participate in this event will become AGFH founding members.

We are asked to nominate our best blog posts of 2007 in the following categories:


Unfortunately, I have not made the leap into utilizing images on Tracing the Tribe. I hope to do that in the near future.


Two family stories share equal honors for this: The Story of Little Grandma and Nane-jan covering two countries, two historical periods, and two strong women who lived in interesting times. For best action screen play, here's the run-away winner: A shtetl fashion statement.


These two certainly sum up memories of a time and place, backed by records. Combining both would cover many angles of a good documentary: Remembering the Mountains and Hooked on Maps


Tracing information on Uncle Hatzkell: Ancestry's Passport Database


Since there's no category this year for animated (read animals!) entries - and it isn't often animals figure in our genealogical quests - here are two:
For full-length animated comedy, here's a real turkey:
Thanksgiving, Persian-style. In the theoretical animated wolves category, this overcomes the rest of the pack: Uphill in the snow - both ways


  1. Schelly, it was a real treat to read these stories - what a fascinating family history you have...I too have roots in Galicia, but don't know if my ancestors walked "uphill both ways" to school! I especially liked the stories of Nan-Jane and 'Little Grandma' as I am very interested in the lives of women in the past.

  2. Oh my gosh Schelly, it just dawned on me when I read your post that you don't have photos on your blog. If anyone had asked me I would have said, "of course she has pictures on her blog". Quite a testament to your writing ability that I can picture your stories so vividly that I have created the images in my mind!

  3. I agree with Jasia; you're writing is such that you don't need pictures!

    I tagged you for a meme topic on which I suspect you have a vast knowledge base at www.omchorations.blogspot.com

  4. Hi again Schelly, I have tagged you for a meme passed on to me by West in New England - about books, but of course no obligation to do it -

  5. Hi, Lidian and Colleen
    Thank you both for the books meme tags. I am working on it now.


  6. Dear Jasia and Lidian,

    As I've said to Jasia before, the COGs are wonderful. They provide an opportunity to address topics that we might not have thought up on our own, allow us to spotlight important individuals, inspire us to do better and to develop interesting topics.

    Does anyone remember when we were all generalists in this field? Today, we are all specialists, looking at our own families from our particular interests.

    I always appreciate your comments.