08 January 2008

Update: Museum of Family History contents

Steve Lasky's Museum of Family History keeps growing with very useful resources . He's added and updated much information, according to his January 2008 report:

--Castle Garden: The First Entry Point of America. Before Ellis Island served as our immigrant ancestors' gateway into the US, most entered at a location at the tip of Manhattan named Castle Garden.

--More pre-war family photos from Europe, including Joniskis, Lithuania (some 30 families/surnames are represented).

--Holocaust Memorials of Canada - Victoria, British Columbia;

--Stories from our Ancestral Homes - Nemesany, Slovakia and its surrounds;

--The Habima in New York. The innovative Habima acting troupe left Russia in 1926 to tour European and US cities. This section covers their origins and time in New York, including costumed cast photographs, scenes from acts, reviews of five plays performed, and a letter of support by Russian playwright Maxim Gorky. The troupe left New York for then-Palestine and makes its permanent home in Tel Aviv, Israel.

--The Modjacot Marionette Theatre. New York City (c1920s), once billed as "the only Jewish puppet theatre in America."

All of this can be found here.

Steve's never one to rest, so stay tuned for future plans to include stars of the Yiddish stage (actors, playwrights, theatre history), the Catskills' Grine Felder enclave and the Yiddish Art Theatre.

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