04 January 2008

San Francisco: Grandmother's Suitcase, Jan. 8

The search for identity is pervasive.

There are people who feel a strong unexplained connection to Judaism in many aspects, but don't have a clue as to why they should feel that way.

For some, the reason is revealed by a relative's chance or deliberate disclosure, or as an individual begins to research his or her family's history, turning up strange discoveries.

San Francisco resident Jim Van Buskirk's lifelong attraction to Judaism was explained when his mother revealed a 55-year-old secret - both her parents were Jewish - and handed over her mother's suitcase, filled with photos, letters, documents and memorabilia.

That's where he started on what has become a four-generation journey over two continents - he's still looking for answers.

At 6.30pm Tuesday, January 8, he will present "My Grandmother's Suitcase: A Family Memoir," adapted from his forthcoming book, at San Francisco's main library, 100 Larkin St

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