19 December 2007

MyHeritage announces major upgrade

A favorite site is MyHeritage.com. In addition to its amazing photo handling capability, online Family Tree Builder, family websites, it also features a great genealogy search engine which searches some 1,400 genealogy websites at once to provide targeted information on names you are researching.

The Family Tree Builder is also functional in 15 different languages as well as dual language entry (for example, enter data in English and it will also appear in Hebrew!)

The search engine - MyHeritage Research - was upgraded this week, and now searches across more than 10 billion records to provide the most extensive genealogy searches on the Internet. The price is also right - it's free.

Hundreds of new genealogy databases were added, so if you've tried it before, do try it again for even more results.

Researchers can enter only a family name or a combination of given and family name. Use the above link to search the database. Parameters include exact spelling or multiple spelling variations (called Megadex by MyHeritage). The length of time required for the extensive resources being searched may take a few minutes.

It is very useful if researchers are looking for a rare or uncommon name or an combination of a rare first and last name.

For Jewish genealogists, there's more good news. MyHeritage has collaborated with JewishGen and the JewishGen All-in-One search has been added to MyHeritage Research. Thus, the search will now include almost all JewishGen databases, not available elsewhere on the Web.

The company also asks for users to share success stories, submit requests for covering additional sites in MyHeritage Research or report bugs. All can be posted to the Support Forum.

The MyHeritage team is working to bring researchers new tools. A recent breakthrough is Smart Matching technology connecting family trees submitted by users. For more information on site innovations, check the company blog here.

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