24 December 2007

Googling for relatives!

There are many genealogy sites holding so much information. Do you regularly check sites for new information on your families? Sites are frequently updated, and a new search of an old site might even produce long-lost family. Googling helped this family reunite:

The last time the women met was in 1937; one waved from a Moscow train. Today, 70 years later, thanks to the Internet, the three were reunited in Florida.
Ossie Rasher, 81, and Sophia Altfeld, 78 - both in Florida - were reunited with Rosalie Berkovich, 80, of Acton, MA, who had waved from the train.

Googling by Berkovich's son, Sasha, produced the names of the long-lost cousins on a genealogy site. They were reunited within weeks during a weekend in Altfeld's Coconut Creek home, and plan a full family reunion in summer 2008.

Berkovich and her cousins spent most of their reunion weekend reminiscing and flipping through old family photographs, she said.

“It’s like we’d known each other and seen each other almost every day since (1937),” Rasher said. “There’s no strangeness between us at all. And we can’t wait to get together again.”

The Boston Herald carried the story.

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