17 November 2007

What's Inside: Sharsheret Hadorot, Israel

The November 2007 issue of the award-winning bilingual (Hebrew/English) quarterly, Sharsheret Hadorot, is in the mail, reports editor Yocheved Klausner of the Israel Genealogical Society.

For information on how to obtain a copy, go to the IGS website.

Contents include:

*The Montel and Esdra Families of Marseille, by James Montel.

*The Kantorovitch family from Lakhva (Belarus), by Stephen Cohen and Zohar Yereslav, who relate how they found their connection.

*Mazal Linenberg-Navon z"l, sister of former Israeli president Yitzhak Navon, conducted research on the Navon family (Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel) and on the Ben Atar family (Morocco), and was also among the IGS founders. The article is by Shmuel Shamir.

*Algerian Jews Serving in the French Army, by Mathilde Tagger.

*How to Trace Red Army Soldiers Killed during World War II, by Aharon

*The Hagana Historical Archives as a Tool for Genealogical Research, by Ilan

*The Admor's Son Who Converted, by Yehuda Klausner.

*Report on the International Conference on Syrian Jewry at Bar Ilan
University, May 2007.

*Abstracts of the genealogical press in English, Dutch and French.

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