04 November 2007

UK: Vilnius posters, lectures

An exhibit of posters by Jews in the Vilnius Ghetto will open at 7pm Sunday, November 11 for four weeks at the Spiro Ark, in London.

The posters were created to announce ghetto cultural events. Vilnius Jewish State Museum deputy director Rachel Kostanian will give several lectures.

7.30pm, Sunday, November 11
Exhibit opens.
Lecture: "Spiritual Resistance in the Vilnius Ghetto."

7.30pm, Monday, November 12
Film: "Ponaria," deals with memories of neighbors.

7.30pm, Tuesday, November 13
Lecture: "Life, Death and collaboration in the Vilnius Ghetto."

The event is organised by the Spiro Ark with the Cultural Department of the Lithuanian Embassy in London and The Jewish National Museum in Vilnius.
Reservations are essential, each evening is £10.

For more details, click here.

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