10 November 2007

Iranian Jewish issues

Los Angeles journalist Karmel Melamed writes on Iranian Jewish matters for the LA Jewish Journal, JTA and other media sites. I've followed his writing for several years and finally got a chance to meet him when we both attended the 2006 American Jewish Press Association conference in San Francisco.

Some topics he has recently covered:

*Jewish fashion mogul (Elie Tahari) reveals why his family left Iran in the 1950s
*Iranian Jews more socially conscious in gift giving
*Photo essay: Iranian Jews flocking to 'Read Hebrew America' program
*Wedding story really strikes a chord with L.A.'s Iranian Jews

and the most mouth-watering posting of all:
*Iranian Jews' delicious obsession with Gondi

If you've never had the opportunity to eat the Persian Shabbat specialty gondi , do read Karmel's posting on this.

There is also a link to a site remembering Sarechal, where most Teheran Jews lived prior to World War II, where the Alliance schools opened in the early 1900s, and where the Jewish Hospital was (and still is) located. There are 21 photos (early 1900s-1960s) from the Alliance Insraelite Universelle (AIU) archives in Paris. I will write a special posting on this.

There are no individual click-ons for the postings - simply scroll down the page to find the topics of interest.

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