23 November 2007

Footnote.com: Personal Projects

Footnote.com is continually bringing new resources online. To receive information as it happens , go to the site and sign up for Footnote's alert service.

Now there's a way for researchers to create their own projects at the site.

I've come across interesting items each time I search Footnote, such as records of Sephardic Jews in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, as well as items on my 20th century Eastern European immigrants. There are some 20 million original documents now online, and the company says they add 2 million more each month.

Being able to access these bits and pieces is great, but now there's more you can do, including uploading your own original images and documents to share with other individuals who share your interest in specific names or locations.

Footnote has tools to make your uploaded items searchable to others, thus it could be considered your own personal web site. There's much to be said about combining their resources and your creativity.

Dick Eastman has provided a detailed posting on this. Read it here.

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