23 November 2007

Belarus: Lyakhovichi website

Does Lyakhovichi, Belarus figure in your ancestral research?

The Lyakhovichi website has been updated and expanded, thanks to the efforts of Deborah Glassman, according to the announcement by Gary Palgon of Atlanta, Georgia.

Started in 1994, the Lyakhovichi Special Interest Group (SIG) has amassed over 20,000 records, hundreds of pages of documents and more than 600 images, all which are now available for viewing and research on the site.

"The website is a resource for collaborative research on the history of the Jewish community in what is today Lyakhovichi, Belarus," says Deborah. She invites anyone who can contribute to the site, to do so.

Lyakhovichi is located about 130 km south-west of Minsk. If you have family originating from anywhere nearby - which means in places like Strolovich, Nesvizh, Klesk, Novo Myzh, Baranovich, Siniavka, to mention but a few - the expanded site is an absolute "must" to visit and check out.

Given the influence of Lyakhovichi on the surrounding area, the chances are that you will find references to your family in the over 200 years worth of documents available.

For more information, click here.

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