13 October 2007

On the road again - Barcelona, London

Tracing the Tribe has been quiet for a few days because I'm attending a conference on "The Jews of Catalan-speaking Lands."

The first two days were in Perpignan in southern France - which in medieval times was French Catalunya - and the second two days are in Barcelona. Tomorrow is the last day and will run from 9am-10pm with a multitude of interesting topics.

I'll be preparing a series of postings on the conference, as well as some new books I've acquired. Plans include a visit to archives in Girona and other towns, and visits to Tarrega and Tarragona.

Next week I will be in London to speak at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain seminar on October 28, and visit with Talalay and Dardashti cousins. A few more days in Barcelona and then finally back home.


  1. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Have you been or will you go to the excavated synagogue in the Gothic part of Barcelona?

  2. Yes. I have visited the site on previous trips to Barcelona.