30 October 2007

New York: Roots film series

The Center for Jewish History will offer a series of films and discussions, entitled "Where Is Home?"

Unfortunately, we've missed the first one on October 25. In Russian with English subtitles, "Roots" is a 2004 comedy directed by Pavel Loungin, which follows the exploits of a Jewish con-artist who turns a small town in provincial Ukraine into a fake site of heritage tourism for unsuspecting Americans.

At 6.30pm November 1, see "Voyages," multi-lingual with English subtitles, directed by Emmanuel Finkel (1999). Three distinct but related sequences, set in France, Poland, and Israel, trace a moving interplay of stories of communion, memory, and language among Holocaust survivors.

At 6.30pm, Thursday, November 8, see "Return to Oulad Moumen" (French with English subtitles), directed by Izza Genini, who uses a family reunion to retrace her large family's history to its small Moroccan village.

Admission is $10; $5 for students/seniors.

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  1. What a great blog! I will add you to the list of blogs I read daily. I found you by googling shuls in the Catskills area. I grew up in New Paltz, moved to CA for a number of years, and have now moved back and would like to raise a family in the area - Am trying to figure out which towns have shuls, since I want to relocate somewhere that I can buy a house walking distance to a functional shul :) Ellenville is next on my list of places to check out, seems their shul is still going (how strong? I will find out when I visit in a week or two). Anyway, thanks for all the interesting posts about this region.

  2. Hi, ByTheBay -

    Thank you for your kind words.

    There is a Sullivan County website that should have lots of synagogue and community information. Just google Sullivan County, or if you're interested in the Kauneonga Lake - White Lake - Woodstock area, google the Bethel Township website. The area around Woodstock has attracted many people because of proximity to the arts center.

    A caveat: Walking to services has a different meaning in the country. It can mean a mile in the snow along icy roads with no sidewalks! While fun in the summer, it can be a real trek for the hardy in the winter.

    Best wishes, and report back when you've found some likely prospects.