23 October 2007

Major Sephardic genealogy site expanded

Sephardic genealogist and award-winning author Dr. Jeffrey Malka has revamped and expanded his Sephardic resources website, first created in 1998.

SephardicGen.com is the comprehensive website for this specialized subject.

Mathilde Tagger of Jerusalem - award-winning co-author of "Guidebook for Sephardic and Oriental Genealogical Sources in Israel" - has, according to Malka, decided to place the many databases she has created on the new website.

Writes Malka:

To facilitate access to the information in Mathilde Tagger's work I created special search engines that help locate names of people and places in the many databases. The list of new databases (plus links to other databases of Sephardic Genealogy interest on the web) can be found at www.SephardicGen.com/databases/databases.html

I particularly wish to thank Steve Morse (another IAJGS award winner) for his generous help and expert advice without which the search engines would not have been possible.

The site is designed to provide not only extensive help for both the new and more experienced Sephardic genealogist, but also provides links to all the other main Sephardic genealogy resources available on the web. From its home page, readers can access the several sections of an extensive website devoted completely to Sephardic genealogy.

Among its resources:

Sephardic History: Articles and links on Sephardic History

Sephardic Genealogy: Articles and links on Sephardic Genealogy

Websites by country: Links to Sephardic websites and archives by country.

Search Databases: The new section hosting Tagger's databases with search engines. Click here. Among the resources is a new searchable annotated index of some 3,000 names in Abraham Galante's "Histoire des Juifs de Turquie," and links to other databases of interest.

Sephardic Surnames: Articles and lists of Sephardic surnames plus links to other websites that contain lists of names.

Sephardic Gazetteer: Search for places Sephardic Jews lived by modern, alternative and older names, with map links.

Archives: List of useful archives (also see archives listed under country resources).

Books: Extensive bibliography of Sephardic books sorted by topic and country.

How to start: Advice on how to start in Sephardic genealogy.

Sephardic Family Trees: Links to family trees online.

Genealogy Forms: Essential forms for the genealogist.

Sephardic Newslists: Links to specialized newslists.

Calendar Conversion: Tools to convert dates to and from the Hebrew, Gregorian, Islamic, Turkish and other calendars.

Frequently Asked Questions: To assist visitors.

Malka always welcomes comments, additions or suggestions. He is the author of "Sephardic Genealogy: Discovering Your Sephardic Ancestors and Their World."

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