02 October 2007

Journey of man: Buffalo, October 21

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Buffalo (New York) is featuring "The Genographic Project" on DVD, at 1.30pm,Sunday, October 21, at the Jewish Community Center in Getzville.

Sponsored by the National Geographic Society LINK, the Genographic Project is the journey of man. Population geneticist Dr. Spencer Wells is project director and travels around the world, collecting DNA samples from indigenous peoples in remote areas, tracking Y-DNA of men and looking for certain markers.

Wells began with Africa's Bushmen and tracked man's journey to Australia and other areas, while noting the impact of the ice age and man's skin.

For more information, click here

In November 2006, I attended Family Tree DNA's administrators' conference in Houston. Conference-goers saw screenings of sections of this production and additional views of Wells' expeditions around the world as he chases down DNA samples. If a screening is offered in your area, do see it.

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