02 October 2007

Colorado: Flesh on the Bones, October 14

Readers in Denver are in for a treat when the Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado hosts Ron Arons of the San Francisco Bay Area in "Putting the Flesh on the Bones," at 1.30 pm, Sunday, October 14, at B'nai Havurah.

Most family researchers concentrate their time on expanding family trees. They look for documents that provide names, dates and places of the whom, when and where. Another approach is to answer the question why. Why did our ancestors act the way they did? What influenced them? By concentrating on one individual at a time, you will learn many other things.

This approach led Ron Arons to expand his tree four more generations back in time and to find many previously unknown living relatives.

For more details and information on the JGS of Colorado, click here.

And mark your calendars now for the Sunday, November 4 meeting with Dr. Stanley Hordes of the University of New Mexico, who will speak on "Crypto Jews of the Southwest." Stan is the expert in this field, his talks are fascinating and his books are even better. Click here for future meetings.

The JGS site also has Jewish resources in the state, handouts from past meetings, cemetery information and more.

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