29 September 2007

UK: Society of Genealogists events

The UK's Society of Genealogists offers many events. Reservations are required for these programs; some are free, some for-fee. For more information, check the website.

Upcoming programs cover general topics as well as one on searching Jewish roots:


*3, Wednesday, 2-3pm. Jane Cox: London and the East End Slums; from their earliest times, with focus on Stepney (fee);

*15, Monday, 1:30-4:30pm. Using Pay-per-view Websites workshop; intro to major pay-per-view genealogy websites, access free with course fee; half-day (fee);

*17, Wednesday, 2-5pm. Anthony Joseph: My Ancestor was Jewish; update on researching Jewish sources; half-day (fee);

*20, Saturday, 2-5pm Colin Chapman: Understanding Wills; differences between wills, testaments and letters of administration, complex probate jargon explained; half-day (fee);

*24, Wednesday, 2-3pm. Geoff Swinfield: I'm Stuck; Most family historians reach a point in their research when they are unable to identify their ancestor with certainty. Either they have too many possibilities or none; sources and techniques; half-day (fee);

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