22 September 2007

The Mobile Genealogist: A new blog

Jasia of Creative Gene posted about a new blog, The Mobile Genealogist, created by Kevin Phillips of Northern Hills Software, creator of Pocket Genealogist.

The blog is billed as "The Mobile Genealogist: Windows Mobile, Pocket Genealogist, Genealogy and other Ramblings."

According to Phillips' intro post, the blog "will contain articles on new devices or software, tips, tricks and other items related to Pocket Genealogist and just about anything else that we think you might find useful."

Says Pocket Genealogist user Jasia, "It's a great piece of software and Kevin provides the best tech support in the industry. He is also one of the best technology writers I've ever read."

Phillips' first article is on HP's new VGA Pocket PC.

Tracing the Tribe has recently entered the digital age (camera, recording equipment). Perhaps now it's time for the Pocket Genealogist?

Thanks, Jasia, for the head's up on this one.


  1. It's so handy to carry your entire family tree around in your purse, Schelly. You just can't imagine how convenient it is to be able to pull out a PDA and look up a surname or ancestral location at the spur of the moment... like when you come across a surname in a book at the library, or a location comes up when you're chatting with someone in the waiting room at the doctor's office, etc. You'd be surprised how often I pull mine out. It's great!

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Hi, Jasia.

    It's on my wish list.

    Several years ago on a trip to the FHC in Salt Lake City, I noticed a UK researcher working on a tiny Sony laptop and was quite impressed. I'd never seen such a small laptop (the model wasn't sold in the US) and the price was sky-high.

    However, a PDA is certainly more economical. Thanks for your input.