24 August 2007

Update on Steve Morse and IGG

June C. DeLalio, CG, a founding member of the Italian Genealogical Group (IGG) and the German Genealogical Group (GGG), has provided more information to the Association of Professional Genealogists discussion group on the blocking of Steve Morse's One-Step utilities.

"As a founding member of the Italian Genealogical Group, I would like to clarify an email that was sent regarding problems with the use of Steve Morse's One-Step website to access databases on the Italian Genealogical Group's website.

"Neither IGG nor GGG blocked people from accessing our databases through Steve Morse's site. The problem occurred because of the systematic methods used by Steve Morse to obtain information from our website. He has allowed many many people to use the site in such a way that it overwhelmed it. Our ISP provider crashed which affected not only our two organizations but all of his other clients. He therefore banned Morse's access.

"We have now had to get a larger provider at a greater cost. It is important to understand, however, that by using Steve Morse's site people can obtain their data without going through the previous IGG pages.

"These pages explain the work we do in assembling these databases which have millions of records from the New York area. They pass by the requests for donations which is needed to keep adding the databases online and for volunteers without whom these records could not be assembled.

"If you have ever visited our website _www.italiangen.org_ you readily understand that this is a big undertaking for two small genealogical societies. We cannot do this without help.

"Therefore, while we would like to accommodate everyone's use of Steve Morse's site, it does come at a cost to us. If the donations and volunteers dry up, we may have to remove or restrict the databases.

We are not the bad guys and wanted to explain the situation to all.

Thanks to June for explaining the problems associated with the blocking. Readers should also note her call for donations and volunteers for a very worthy project that has provided many researchers with excellent data.

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