25 August 2007

Roots Travel: Honoring family, history

The Northern New Jersey Jewish News writes about Ira and Libby Lulinski of Cranford.

The trip earlier this month to Miory in Belarus was Ira Lulinski's fifth return to the town where he was born and where, in June 1942, Nazi soldiers shot almost all of the town's 1,000 Jews, including his mother, his two brothers, and his sister.

Ira, then six, managed to escape with his father, fleeing into the forest as bullets whizzed past them. They joined other survivors and Russian soldiers who had also escaped from Nazi capture and fought together in a partisan unit for the next two years.

Together with two of those partisans - boys who were also from Miory and who both now live in Israel - Ira has returned again and again since the breakup of the Soviet Union to monitor the preservation of the memorial in the field where all those townspeople died. He had a wrought iron fence erected 10 years ago, and he has paid a local woman to tend the ground.

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