16 August 2007

Just for fun: Guarding our "stuff"

Genealogist Richard Pence's piece, "If I Throw It Away, I'll Need It," about his attempts to protect his genealogically-important items from his wife's cleaning spurts.

"Over the years I have developed some pretty good defenses to counter these annual spring-cleaning rites. One method has been the 'high-shelf shuffle.' Way up high, beyond her reach, is where I put all the stuff that is beyond verbal justification."

Read it here.

I think we can all relate to his tribulations!

My non-genealogist husband holds an advanced certificate in keeping his own papers nicely organized in folders and boxes - it's really quite impressive. Whenever I travel, however, he "helps" by cleaning up the papers around my computer, stacks of books ... . It takes me days to locate important items when I get back.

Isn't there a quote somewhere about what a clean, neat desk means?

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