30 August 2007

Genealogy startups share Jewish roots

Many tech sites have been writing about genealogy start-ups and their common denominator - Jewish roots.

Israelplug presents news on Israeli innovation, and a recent posting by Rebecca Markowitz is here, mentioning the intense competition between MyHeritage, Famillion and Geni.

MyHeritage (headed by Gilad Japhet) is in Bnei Atarot - a 100-year-old pastoral village - near Tel Aviv. Famillion (headed by Dan Rolls) is in a shiny new tower in Ramat Gan, adjacent to Tel Aviv, while David Sacks heads Los Angeles-based Geni.

Writes Markowitz:

What’s funny about these startups competing against each other is that if all the CEOs filled in their family trees they would most likely see that they are related!

It should not come as a surprise that all these Jews have created these startups, because, as we know, Jews have a slight obsession with a little game we fondly refer to as Jewish Geography.

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