15 August 2007

DNA: Could it happen to you?

For a light-hearted spoof of DNA, Dr. Spencer Wells, head of the National Geographic Society/IBM's Genographic Project, appeared on The Colbert Report. Watch the video here.

"DNA: Could it happen to you?" aired August 14. Stephen Colbert tested his mtDNA (maternal line) for the show, and Wells reported he is haplogroup K and related to Otsi the Ice Man. Three of the four K haplogroups are among the founding lineages of Ashkenazi Jews.

Back in February, Colbert also interviewed Dr. Craig Ventner of Celera Genomics on mapping the human genome and using DNA to produce synethetic fuels. here.

Some websites have noted that Colbert has now done two DNA segments, pointing up the topics current significance.

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  1. did you ever find out which of the four subgroups he is actually from?