17 August 2007

Amsterdam: Anne Frank's real family tree

It is a family tree of sorts, as the giant (about 27 tons) horse chestnut tree grows in a garden outside the house where Frank and her family hid in the attic. She wrote about it in her famous diary.

The tree is about 150-170 years old and privately owned, in a garden surrounded by buildings.

Today, it is so diseased and unsafe that an order was given in November 2006 to cut it down, but public outcry has delayed the deed.

Reuters tells the story about the tree which has, according to a city council spokesman, "somewhat mythical status."

It's defenders claim it should be allowed to live as a symbol of hope and life, even though it will replaced with a sapling from grafts of the towering tree.

Public reactions ranged from "you should be ashamed to cut it down," or "it's a shame to cut it, but can we have a piece of wood from it?"

Read more about the political logjam here

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  1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    anne frank did not survive but yet her dad did