12 July 2007

India: Gujarat's Jews and Israel

The Bene-Israel community in Ahmedabad, Gujarat numbers some 200 individuals in four communities (about 61 families) and one synagogue.

India Express describes the connection of Bene-Israel Jewish youth to Israel as many families have made aliyah in the past decade.

The close-knit community includes Liora Rubina, 25, who says “I am afraid to lose my Jewish identity here as the population of the community is steadily dwindling.” She plans to make aliya soon.

However, community leaders say a sense of cultural alienation exists among Indians in Israel, even though more youth plan to make the move. Older immigrants have trouble finding jobs and everyone misses the community, food and culture in Ahmedabad.

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  1. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Great Grandma's and Grandpa's are from Bengal, Bihar, Rajasthan, Sind, Punjab, Gujarat, Persia and other places.

    Grandpa is from Sind moved to Bengal.
    Grandma is from Bihar moved to Bengal.

    Grandpa is from Bihar.
    Grandma is from Rajasthan moved to Bihar.

    Father is from Bengal.
    Mother is from Bihar moved to Bengal.

    Raj is from Bengal moved to California will move again.

  2. Anonymous11:41 AM

    The four Pillars of society are Religion, Race, Profession and Nation.

  3. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Yesterday my wife and I had lunch at the Madras Mahal Gujarati restaurant, mid-town Manhattan. Were it not for our most pleasant experience there, we'd have had no idea that this fascinating, small demographic niche exists.

    Try it. The businessman's lunch is a great buy at $7.95.

  4. Madras Mahal is strictly vegetarian and kosher. The menu (online) is interesting. madrasmahal.com for those interested in something different. But the menu says the business lunch is $8.95!

  5. Hi,

    Do you know if there still any Jewish families in Vadodara?

    Or is there any place where I can find out?