21 July 2007

IAJGS: Chicago, Chicago - 2008

On the conference's last day (July 20), attendees were treated to a sneak preview of the 28th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, set for August 17-22, 2008, at the Chicago Marriott Downtown.

For many researchers, particularly those living outside North America, early planning is essential, so calendar the dates now.

The preview indicated that programming may include several mini-themes (Midwest/Upper Midwest, Central/South America and Canada), as well as a diverse list of more than 20 topic categories (including Eastern Europe, technology and much more). Eastern European archivists sponsored by the various SIGs are anticipated.

As a Sephardic researcher, I'm also hoping for a significant program in 2008.

Tracing the Tribe will inform readers when the Call for Papers is announced. If you think you have an interesting program to present, now's the time to prepare.

Mike Karsen, JGS of Illinois president, offered a quick look at the many resources on Jewish Chicago, including his Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Chicagoland. For a summary of Chicago Jewish history, click here.

The two local societies - JGS of Illinois and the Illiana JGS - will be handling the resource room and hospitality. For more information on these, click the IAJGS site. It's never too early to think about volunteering in some way.

Co-chair Mike Posnick (an Upper Midwesterner himself - he lives in Minnesota) stressed the many Chicago resources, great shopping and restaurants. Tours are planned, including cemetery visits, and may include architecture, Jewish Chicago and a "gangster" tour. The committee is investigating bringing various resources into the hotel as small repositories will have difficulty handling large numbers of onsite researchers.

Tentatively, according to the committee, the Chicago 2008 website may be live in early November with registration beginning in early January.

Tracing the Tribe's travel tip: The Chicago location means that Amtrak rail may be an alternative travel method for many attendees. Some trains offer bedrooms (four adults) or family rooms, in addition to roommettes(two adults) and coach seats, with discounts for seniors and others.

Stay tuned for more information as official announcements are made!

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  1. as ihave studied over the santhal tribe their funeral system is so interasting and typical when we think that we are living in global era. they put their dead body in a 1and half feet depth without any covering. and may more i know about them.