11 June 2007

Southern California Genealogy Conference

The regional Southern California Genealogy Society's Jamboree offered an opportunity to meet many old friends, those whom I've only known as email signatures and some former students.

Roots Television was busy interviewing speakers and "genealogists in the street" about their experiences: the wildest thing done in the search for information, fortuitous events which provided major breakthroughs and other topics. Watch for the upcoming videos on the website. I listened in on some as Marcy Brown filmed; viewers are in for a treat when the interviews are posted.

It was a great pleasure to talk with Megan Smolyanek Smolyanek and meet her husband.

Each time I visited the vendor room, people were lined up to speak with Family Tree DNA's Bennett Greenspan and Max Blankfeld. Bennett's talk on DNA in 2007 was very well attended.

I enjoyed meeting Colleen Fitzpatrick who speaks on forensic genealogy and works with photographs and DNA topics. Colleen makes it all sound so easy. If you have a chance to attend one of her programs, don't miss it.

Drew Smith of the Genealogy Guys podcasting team, was there as well, although George Morgan was ill and couldn't attend.

There were some new technology items as well, including GENIE.com, which will also be at the IAJGS conference. Take a look at their site.

It was wonderful to meet with former genealogy class students as well from both our past classes at MyFamily.com and the new GenClass.com venture. My genealogy cousin (Mogilev, Belarus) Hilary Henkin, former president of the JGS of Georgia, is now back in Los Angeles and we had a pleasant time reconnecting.

The technology corner featured access to major subscription databases, including Footnote.com. I found some excellent information in their holdings for my familes of interest.

Many vendors brought books of interest. This was candy for confirmed bibliophiles. The Hispanic Genealogy Society had interesting books for sale, and I wish I had brought along Felix the Cat's magic bag to take them all with me. I'm working on my wish list of items. I also told them about Pere Bonnin's book Sangre Judia, an item which their library should stock.

I'm working on my notes now and will post on several programs.

Compliments to SCGS's Paula Hinkel and her team for a well-run, interesting conference.

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