19 June 2007

Lithuania to return tycoon's family property

This story is from Regnum News Agency, a Russian federal news service covering Russia and neighboring countries.

Taurage, Lithuania (near the Kaliningrad region) is planning to return family property to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.

The town archives note that the Jewish tycoon's ancestors (grandparents, parents and other relatives) lived there prior to WWII, although they were later exiled to Siberia. In Taurage, they owned "vast territories and an estate," according to the article.

The town had expected him to attend the town's 500th anniversary, set for June 22-24, and had even renovated the street in anticipation, but Abramovich sent his regrets due to a busy schedule. The town hopes he may visit next year.

Abramovich’s parents and relatives lived on Bazniciu Street. His father, Arkady Abramovich, lived in one house, while his Uncle Abram and Aunt Leiba lived in another.

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