07 June 2007

Genealogists on screen?

Gen blogger Randy Seaver's newest posting asks about genealogist characters in film.

One reader noted a recent Simpsons' episode that had Lisa doing a family tree homework assignment.

Seaver lists:

-James Bond (George Lazenby) in On Her Majesties Secret Service (1969) played a stuffy genealogist who was overwhelmed by the ladies in the villain's Swiss chalet.

-Strega in Amore (Italian, DVD in 2005). A romantic horror movie, in which a family hires a genealogist to help them assemble the late patriarch's papers. While there, the researcher falls in love with the daughter.

Seaver also points to an Ancestry article on movies and TV shows covering family history in some ways. Click here for some lists which, of course, include Yentl, Fiddler on the Roof and more general titles.

Of course, Tracing the Tribe could add Everything is Illuminated and others. Post your favorites for our own Jewish genealogy short list.


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  2. What if your mother was actually your half-sister too? And genealogy findings to solve the mystery of what appears a serial killer?

    In the most recent episode of "Numbers", the investigators were stumped.

    They found a piece of paper which looked like a road map. Sometime later during the investigation they came across a quilt with similar markings. They recognized seven signs which appeared as if they might be aramaic letters.

    The quilt was actually a genealogy quilt; the seven markings represented the seven males each having multiple wives.

    Oh, I have told you too much already!

    Linda (Lyn) Blyden
    JGS of Washington State in Seattle

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