21 May 2007

Zamosc group to launch Web archive

The Israeli Organization of Zamosc Jewry will launch its archival Web site on May 30, with an event at the Tel Aviv Museum.

The group has more than 1,000 documents, certificates and newspaper clippings and will incorporate this material into the new Web site, whose URL will be announced at the event.

Towns in the vicinity of Zamosc that will be covered in the archive include Izbica, Krasnobrod, Komarow, Szczebrzeszyn, Bilgoraj, Turobin, Grabowiec, Hrubieszow, Krasnystaw, Tyszowiec, Tarnogrod, Skierbieszow, Jozefow, Frampole, Janow, Rajowiec, Wlodawa, Zolkiewka and Siedlce.

Among the data in the archive is information assembled by the Zamosc Judenrat, which in April 1940 began recording information about all Jews living in the city at the start of the occupation. Their list was a fairly accurate and invaluable document, according to the organizers of the Zamosc Web site launch event. The census totaled 10,086 men, women and children, and included name, surname, occupation, date and place of birth for each. The Judenrat was a Jewish group put in place by the Gestapo to help supervise the area's Jewish occupants.

The site will be launched at a multi-generational memorial meeting at 6.30 p.m. on May 30 at the Tel Aviv Museum. For more information, click here.

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