15 May 2007

Writing on the wall: Mind your Ps and Qs!

Wondering what our ancestors were really like?

Perhaps we could use graphoanalysis for genealogical and other purposes. Is this another tool in our arsenal? But does anyone know a graphologist who deals with Yiddish, Hebrew, Russian, Polish or any of the other languages Jewish genealogists deal with? Judy Bruckner leaps to mind thanks to this interesting article.

Many people find handwriting analysis fascinating because it leads them to sensational topics like letters from Jack the Ripper, but Bruckner became an analyst so she could understand personalities around her, and more specifically, the personalities of family members that have passed away.

"It's a neat twist to genealogy," she said.

So far, she has collected 100 writing samples from her ancestors and is determining the qualities that make each one unique. She hopes to trace a full family tree and publish a book about her findings.

"My great-great-grandmother is strict with a playful side," Bruckner said. "She came out a little harsh and I thought, "Mmm. I hope I'm not that way.'"

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