18 May 2007

Milestones & Improvements - Thank You

Tracing the Tribe has passed the milestones of 31,000 visits and 52,000 page views, with readers clicking in from everywhere since we went live in August 2006.

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible.

In addition to US states and Canadian provinces, Eastern and Western Europe, Israel, and down-under Australia and New Zealand, there have been readers from Iran, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and many African countries. Haven't seen anyone from Tibet yet ... maybe next week!

Some readers voiced dissatisfaction with the old email alerts, and we listened.

A new email alert system via FeedBlitz is now in place, which provides a better looking, easier-to-read format. Let me know how you like the new system.

To see what the new alert looks like, go to Tracing the Tribe's home page and click "Preview" under the "Subscribe Me" button.

To stop receiving the old-style alerts, go to one of those in your inbox, scroll to the bottom and hit "unsubscribe."

Then go to Tracing the Tribe's homepage and re-subscribe: Enter your email address in the box and click "Subscribe Me," to receive the new alerts.

Again, thanks for your support.