23 May 2007

Genealogy scholarships for students?

What a great idea to encourage genealogy!

I wonder why local Jewish genealogical societies or the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies aren't doing something similar, either on a local or international basis, for Jewish high school juniors or seniors.

What better way to get the younger generation involved in genealogy?

Criteria, including a certain academic grade level, could require an essay on what family history means to each applicant, a research project, various other perks and benefits including membership to a local JGS.

Such a project would certainly garner local interest and publicity for the society and perhaps inspire others to begin quests. It might prove interesting in university admissions offices when outstanding applicants also show a connection to genealogical research.

Outreach needs to start early and this seems like a good way to begin to change the demographics of Jewish genealogy.

"The York County Genealogical and Historical Society is pleased to announce that it has awarded its $500 scholarship for 2007 to Clover High School senior Victoria Herold. She is the daughter of Billie Carroll of Clover and Joseph Herold of Irving, Texas.

"Victoria Herald plans to attend Anderson University in the fall. She has an outstanding academic record as well as a record of service to her school and community.

"In order to qualify for the scholarship a student must attend one of the public high schools in York County, have a grade-point average of 3.5 or higher and have an interest in genealogy and/or local history."

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