27 May 2007

DNA fun found in a new blog

For those infatuated with DNA, there's a new blog called Eye on DNA by epidemiologist and biotech consultant Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei. One of her categories is DNA Fun.

Says Lei, "DNA is our past, present, and future. We need to seize it, examine it, and know its power to make it work for us. How will it change your life?

A recent posting detailed five cool things you can do with your own DNA.

1. Extract your own DNA.

2. Save it for future reference in case of missing persons, abduction, or identification in the event of a tragedy.

3. Preserve your DNA in jewelry form.

4. Convert your DNA into a DNA art print.

5. Get your DNA tested.

Bonus idea: Send your DNA into the future by having children.
What other cool stuff have you done with your DNA?

Read the details here.


  1. Anonymous5:20 AM

    I'm glad you enjoyed the post! Genealogy is a fascinating subject as is your blog. :)

  2. Thank you, Hsien Lei. I certainly appreciate your comment.

    I am amazed at the increasing number of companies producing personalized DNA art for all budgets, from jewelry to major artworks.

    Best wishes,