16 April 2007

Yad Vashem: Women in the Holocaust

“Spots of Light: To Be a Woman in the Holocaust,” a new multimedia exhibit dedicated to women’s experience during the Holocaust is open at Yad Vashem’s Exhibitions Pavilion.

It voices the unique experiences of millions of women - targeted, pursued, abused and murdered during the Holocaust. Through personal accounts, photos, artwork, artifacts and video displays, it uncovers the human, feminine story behind the historical narrative, bringing us into the world of Jewish women as they experienced the terrible events of the Holocaust. From a uniquely feminine perspective, the exhibit explores such issues as love, motherhood, faith, food, creativity, friendship and more, in a time when civilization was undermined and humanity brought to the abyss.

The exhibit also contains a new work of video art - “To Be a Human Being” - created specifically for the exhibit by renowned artist Michal Rovner. The work is based on a group interview conducted with 10 Holocaust survivors at Yad Vashem. This is Rovner’s second work displayed at Yad Vashem: “Living Landscape,” portraying pre-war Jewish life in Europe, is the first display in the Holocaust History Museum.

For more, check Yad Vashem.

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