16 April 2007

Teaching intolerance: Too far in Texas?

Remember a school program from years ago that was supposed to teach students about intolerance?

Students were separated by eye color into the groups of good or bad guys, and endured various restrictions and humiliations. This was meant to demonstrate how one characteristic can subject innocent people to persecution.

In Texas, it seems a Holocaust lesson meant to be in a similar vein went too far.

A three-week school experiment for 9th graders in an advanced placement geography class was deemed too harsh, although it provided a valuable lesson.

Those designated as Jews had to wear a Star of David. Others were designated as Germans. Some parents and students said the experiment went too far, with some students spitting at, tripping and pushing others.

"According to students and teachers, the assigned Jews were forced to stand against the wall as the German students passed by in the hallway. The Jewish students ate lunch last and had to pick up every one's garbage. But some students say things began to escalate."

Read it here.

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