20 April 2007

Jewish athletes - a short history

A newly-released film details Jewish athletes' lost past.

Producer David Vyorst's documentary film, The First Basket, premiered recently at the National Center for Jewish Film's annual film festival. An article in the Brandeis University newspaper explains how the film chronicles a history of American Jewish basketball players.

In a memorable scene from the movie Airplane!, a passenger asks a flight attendant for some light reading. She promptly presents the passenger with a flimsy sheet of paper titled "Famous Jewish Sports Legends."

That gag, according to Vyorst, is contrary to the attitude toward Jewish athletic achievement he hopes to inspire.

"When I made [The First Basket], people said it must be a pretty short movie," Vyorst said. "[But] sports and physicality are important parts of Jewish history."

Click here
for a JTA article about the making of the film.

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