26 April 2007

Israel: Let your fingers do the walking...

It's hard to "let your fingers do the walking" when the website won't cooperate.

Israel's phone company Bezeq had a useful online site until a few months ago, when it was "improved."

The old one was useful for researchers or anyone looking for friends and family in Israel, especially when combined with Steve Morse's front-end utility for non-Hebrew speakers from around the world.

The new site has major limitations and Steve's utility won't work with the new site - he has taken it down - meaning non-Hebrew speakers are out of luck.

Read all about it in my Jerusalem Post story, "Bezeq's new Web site stymies genealogical searches."

"Those searching for family and friends in Israel have been deprived of a major resource, because Bezeq has redesigned its online telephone directory.

"Hard hit by the changes are professional and amateur genealogists who assist in reuniting families separated by the Holocaust or other events."

Read the complete story here.

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